China valve manufacturer of powder conveying system

We produce valves mainly focusing on powder conveying system .

With high-quality products and perfect services, we strive to create gold products and solve your worries

We pursue excellence and create high-quality products.

Products include pneumatic rotary gate valves , dome valves, double disc gate valve and etc.

We also accept customized order .

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Pneumatic Dome Valve

Wide range of industries from food, pharmaceutical, mineral , plastics to metals. Capable of cutting through flowing material and some static columns, the valve handles abrasive, cohesive, fine and dry products.

More than 20 years in pneumatic bulk material conveying

In pneumatic conveying field, we have accumulated a lot of experience.

Optimizing products and continuing improvement is always our goal. 

Pneumatic Rotary Gate Valve

Flexible opening and closing, reliable sealing, maintenance free without maintenance.

Specialized models are temperature resistant 500℃ , AISI304 Option

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Large diameter hospital valve

Dirty clothes, Garbage discharge

Sealing grease

Sealing grease is widely used in turbine cylinder of power plant.  It meets the needs of safe production and operation. Having good performance in 100MW, 200MW, 300MW, 600MW and 1000MW units  power plant.

Double Disc Gate Valve

The Double disc plate valve is suitable for the flowing granular materials with the medium of water, sewage, fine and dry. It is generally used as the closed-circuit equipment on the pipeline. 

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