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●  Main steam pressure ≤ 16.67 ~ 28.5Mpa

● Steam temperature ≤ 555 ~ 800 ℃

●  Coating thickness: 0.5-0.8 mm


● Good sealing effect, easy to use and store

● No corrosion to steam turbine cylinder

● Odorless, harmless to human body, non-flammable

● Product shelf life 6 months

Scope of application

● MFZ-2 Cylinder surface clearance is within 5.0 of the scope required by this turbine specification

●  MFZ-3 Cylinder surface clearance is close to the critical value 5.0 required by this steam turbine specification

● MFZ-4 main steam pressure ≤ 28.5mpa, steam temperature ≤ 610 ℃, cylinder joint surface flatness and clearance meet the specification requirements 5.0